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5 Signs You Should Schedule A Furnace Repair

Have you ever woken up freezing in the middle of the night? A likely reason for this is because your Dayton, OH home’s furnace isn’t working. Letting your furnace die on you because you failed to notice any problems means you’ll have to spend several uncomfortable days without heat. However, if you’re able to spot the signs, you can head off the issue and call us to schedule some furnace repair work. The furnace experts at The Furnace Man can tell you just what to look out for.

Here are 5 signs that you should call us to schedule a furnace repair:

Clogged filters
It’s always important to make sure your furnace’s filters are in working order. The filters can get clogged with dirt and other debris fairly easily. At the minimum, you should clean them out monthly. Failure to do this can result in reduced airflow and constant cycling, which is when the furnace turns on and off.

Ignition failure
The possibility of your furnace’s ignition failing is a serious issue for furnace owners. If the ignition doesn’t work, you can forget about your furnace providing warm air. If you’re using a modern furnace, it’ll have either a Hot Surface Ignition system or an Intermittent Pilot system. The first system uses a controlled resistance heating element to heat the gas burner. Meanwhile, the second system uses a high voltage electric spark to ignite the gas pilot with the main burners. Whichever kind of ignition you’re using, you should call a technician if it isn’t working.

Mechanical problems/loud noises
Your furnace is made up of a variety of mechanical parts, so wear and tear is a common problem for furnaces. The easiest way to tell if something’s up is if you hear popping or squeaking noises from your furnace. That’s a common sign that something is wrong with your furnace. We suggest calling one of our technicians to help diagnose the exact problem.

Leaking gas
A gas leak is an extremely dangerous problem that your furnace might face. If you smell gas in your home, you should turn off the gas supply valve right away. Next, leave your house, go on foot to somewhere safe, and make a call to your gas supplier and get them to help you find the problem. While you wait, avoid lighting matches or turning switches on or off.

Increased heating bills
Are your heating bills rising despite there being little change in how you heat your home? That might be a sign something is off with your furnace. When a furnace isn’t well-maintained, it’ll work harder to produce the same amount of heat a healthy furnace does. Not only does this cost you more, but it puts stress on the furnace, lowering its lifespan.

Why call The Furnace Man to keep my home warm?
Here at The Furnace Man, our furnace repair service in Dayton, OH is meticulous and detail-oriented. We aren’t the kind of company that simply patches up problems. Instead, we find the root of the problem and make a cost-effective recommendation based on our assessment. If you notice that your furnace has become inefficient or you experience less than adequate heating from your system, then just let us know. We’re available day or night for furnace services. Call The Furnace Man today to schedule service!

Written by Brian Renadette

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