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6 Benefits of a Boiler Tune-Up in Ohio

6 Benefits of a Boiler Tune-Up in Ohio

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boiler tune-up in Ohio by The Furnace Man

Winter is quickly approaching and we’re providing the knowledge and service you need. Whether you’re shutting down your AC or getting maintenance for your furnace, we’re there every step of the way. If you’ve got a boiler, we can also help! Having your boiler sit dormant over the warmer months can result in it getting worn down and out of shape. By giving your Ohio home a boiler tune-up, you can stay warm in your home this winter.

Here are six reasons you should get professional help for boiler tune-up in your Ohio home.


Maintain a valid warranty

Boilers, like many appliances, usually have warranty stipulations customers have to follow. A common stipulation for boilers is to give them regular tune-ups from professional technicians. Having a valid warranty allows you to get compensation for repairs and replacements your boiler may need.


Avoid carbon monoxide and explosions

Boilers help heat your home, but running one creates deadly carbon monoxide. That’s why boilers have exhaust pipes to safely vent the deadly and odorless gas outside. However, carbon monoxide can leak into your home if the exhaust pipe gets run down. Also, badly-maintained boilers are known for occasionally exploding, so keep yours in good health!


Prolong your boiler’s life

Boilers are expensive appliances, so it’s a good idea to keep yours running as long as you can. Regular boiler tune-ups can help prolong your boiler’s lifespan and prevent it from breaking down. You can expect a well-kept boiler to last about ten to fifteen years.


Follow local safety laws

Boilers can be very dangerous if homeowners neglect them. That’s why local laws often require boiler owners to have licensed professionals tune-up your boiler. You can avoid fines by keeping your boiler well-maintained, and it’ll also help you avoid the dangers of a shoddy boiler.


Decrease energy costs

Boilers are major energy-guzzlers in many homes and are second only to HVAC systems in terms of energy usage. However, that major energy usage can be cut down via regular boiler tune-ups. Our tune-ups can help lower your energy bills by about 10%.


Better energy efficiency and reliability

Boilers can wear down over years of use, especially with all of those complex, moving parts. Boiler tune-ups give us the chance to switch out worn and failing parts and replace them with fresh ones. By doing this, we can help make your boiler less expensive to operate and less likely to break down.


What makes The Furnace Man a local heating expert?

Here at The Furnace Man, our heating repair service in Dayton, OH is meticulous and detail-oriented. We aren’t the kind of company that simply patches up problems. Instead, we find the root of the problem and make a cost-effective recommendation based on our assessment. If you notice that your heating has become inefficient or you experience less than adequate heating from your system, then just let us know. We’re available day or night for heating services. Call The Furnace Man today to schedule service!

By Brian Renadette

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