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7 Benefits From Repiping Your Ohio Home

7 Benefits From Repiping Your Ohio Home

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repiping in Ohio by The Furnace Man

Plumbing is an integral part of being able to live comfortably in your home. However, chemicals and minerals in your water (and just time itself) can wear down the pipes over time. Outdated piping materials, like lead or galvanized metal, are even more prone to damage. Eventually, you’ll find yourself needing to call in some plumbing experts to your Ohio home to help with repiping. Replacing the pipes in your home can keep your plumbing appliances running their best and protect you from water damage.

Here are seven ways repiping your Ohio home can benefit you:


Replace outdated pipe materials

If you live in an older home, you may have some plumbing pipes made out of materials that aren’t used in pipes anymore. For example, galvanized metal is heavy and prone to rusting when exposed to water. Polybutylene, meanwhile, is prone to breaking down and needing repairs. As for lead, many of us know about the dangers of lead poisoning. Replacing these old materials with something like copper or PVC can make your plumbing safer and more reliable.


Improved appliance performance

Appliances like your dishwasher are reliant on your plumbing system to get the water they need. If something interferes with that supply, your appliances may not work as well as they should. Repiping your home will likely cause a noticeable difference in the performance of your appliances.


Fix your water pressure

When pipes get worn down, that damage can adversely affect your home’s water pressure. If your shower’s spray seems weaker lately, the culprit may be some old pipes. Switching out your piping can fix your home’s water pressure, which will give your plumbing fixtures and appliances more water to share.


Cleaner water

Corrosion in your water can be a serious problem, especially if you use outdated pipes. Pipes made from things like galvanized metal tend to rust from the inside out. When that rust breaks off, it’s going right into your home’s water. Rust not only tastes strange, but it can cause further damage to your pipes and appliances. Replacing your older pipes can help you clean out your water.


Improve your home’s value

As a way of remodeling your home, repiping isn’t one that’s as noticeable as something like a kitchen island. However, it still makes your home’s systems safer, and safety plays a part in your home’s value. Keeping your home in good condition is always a good way to preserve your home’s value. If you plan on selling your home, consider calling us to repipe it.


Fix your hot water

Getting new pipes means you’ll be able to restore your water pressure to a good level. This’ll cause your home’s tank water heater to refill as fast as possible. Because of this, you’ll get hot water for your showers or dishwasher quicker.


Save money

Repiping doesn’t come cheap, but it saves much more money in the long run. Keeping your home’s piping in good condition is important to avoid leaks and burst pipes. These sorts of problems can cause major water damage to your home.


How can The Furnace Man help keep my plumbing in good condition?

During our many years of servicing the local Dayton, OH community, we have truly seen it all. That’s why we have responded with a diverse range of heating, air conditioning, water heater, ductwork, indoor air quality, whole house generator, and commercial products and services. We make sure that our trained and certified technicians are ready to go at all times so that we can take care of any repair needs that you may have. Call The Furnace Man today to learn more about getting repiping for your Ohio home!

By Brian Renadette

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