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Commercial Air Purifier

Commercial Air Purifier Services in Dayton, OH

You don’t want your business to suffer from low indoor air quality that will negatively affect the health and comfort of your employees, customers, and/or clients. Nor do you want excessive contamination in the ductwork to interfere with the HVAC system, leading to an energy-draining performance and unnecessary repairs. Eliminating airborne pollutants from a workspace by using a commercial air purifier is vital for maintaining a comfortable and safe business.

Although your commercial building’s heating and air conditioning system has an air filter, it is designed to protect the components of the system, not to remove contamination from the indoor air. To improve the air quality, you will require the professional installation of a commercial air purifier that targets the specific airborne particles circulating through the building.

Looking for a commercial air purifier for your building in Dayton, OH or the surrounding areas? Contact our commercial indoor air quality professionals at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC.

Options for Keeping Your Air Clean

Air purifiers come in a large variety to suit the different types of airborne contaminants that can get inside a commercial ventilation system. When it comes to air purifiers, one size doesn’t fit all. You will need to rely on the assistance of indoor air quality specialists to determine which commercial air purifier will do the job necessary. In most situations, you can combine multiple types of purifiers for a full spectrum of protection against indoor air pollution.

Electronic air purifiers are one of the more common types that commercial buildings use. These purifiers do not use filtration technology, but instead, create electrically charged fields that ionize particles in the air that passes through them. Once particles such as dust, dirt, pollen, and dander are ionized, a set of collector plates in the purifier with opposite charges attracts and traps the particles through a process called electrostatic attraction.

These electronic purifiers are very effective and removing most particle contamination from the air, but are not as suited to combating viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and other biological pollutants. To stop these threats to indoor air quality, installers can put in a UV air purifier, which uses the power of high–frequency ultraviolet rays to disrupt and destroy microorganisms. UV air purifiers are safe and do not place any harmful residue into the air as they destroy biological hazards.

We Install and Service Commercial Air Purifiers in Dayton, OH

Improving your building’s air quality with a commercial air purifier begins with contacting professionals with extensive installation experience. Our skilled technicians at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC will identify the airborne pollutants you should have removed, and then suggest what types of air purifiers can do the job. Make sure to rely on their expertise and let them handle properly installing the new purifiers. A badly installed purifier will fail to adequately protect your air.

Once you have your business space set up with an air purification system, you will need to rely on professionals for maintenance, service, and occasional repairs. If you think your business is starting to suffer because of a malfunctioning air purifier, contact our team right away and we will send technicians to solve the problem.

Call our indoor air quality team today in Dayton, OH to learn more about what a commercial air purifier can do you help give you a cleaner, healthier, and more efficient commercial space.

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