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Commercial Dehumidifier Services

commercial dehumidifier services in dayton, oh

Commercial Dehumidifier Services in Dayton, OH

Our team at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC provides a wide selection of indoor air quality products and commercial dehumidifier services in Dayton, OH. We will be glad to give you the expertise of our training and experience. Give us a call today for more details about a commercial dehumidifier solution or repair services.

Indoor humidity is one of the major obstacles to keeping a comfortable workplace. Once the humidity level edges up above 60%, it makes the heat inside a building feel substantially worse. It places extra pressure on the cooling system to maintain a pleasant environment. But humidity poses more threats to a business than just discomfort: it can lead to health issues and property damage. Although a standard air conditioning system has some dehumidifying properties, to adequately eliminate high moisture levels and balance the humidity in a workplace requires professionals to integrate a commercial dehumidifier into the HVAC system.

Looking for commercial dehumidifier services in Dayton, OH? Call our indoor air quality experts at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC.

Benefits of Commercial Dehumidifiers

No matter the type of business that you run, you will need to keep the people in the workspace—employees, clients, customers, tenants, etc.—comfortable. Sometimes, having a powerful and effective air conditioner for hot days is insufficient for the job. High moisture levels in the air make it more difficult for the human body to release heat through sweat, resulting in heat trapped inside the body and making the temperature of the air feel substantially higher. A commercial dehumidifier removes this excess moisture from the air to achieve a balance that is much more comfortable.

An improved humidity balance will also substantially help you save money on air conditioning bills. Dropping the relative humidity level indoors from 80% to 50% can mean lowering AC use by a third on average. This not only saves you money on utility bills, but it also helps prevent unnecessary repairs and possibly an early replacement for the cooling system.

High moisture levels can inflict damage to building material. Damp air encourages the growth of mildew and mold, both of which will eat through drywall and warp wood. Mold and other biological contaminants that grow as a result of high humidity are also health hazards that will lower the quality of your indoor air. The ductwork within your building is especially vulnerable to biological growth due to high humidity. A dehumidifier will help protect your workspace and keep the people inside it healthy.

Installation and Service

There’s a potential downside to a dehumidifier: it can remove too much moisture from the indoor air, leading to problems from low humidity. Dry air is also uncomfortable, creates health issues, and causes cracking and peeling of surfaces. To avoid creating a new set of troubles, you should always entrust your commercial dehumidifier installation to professionals. Certified technicians will assist in helping you find the right type and size of dehumidifier. It should fit into the HVAC system so that your business has balanced humidity, neither too dry nor too moist.

When you call The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC in Dayton, OH for commercial dehumidifier installation, you’ll have a team of excellent technicians so you’ll receive the best service possible. We also offer repairs, replacements, and maintenance for commercial dehumidifiers. In addition, we back up all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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