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Commercial Humidifier

commercial humidifier services near dayton, oh

Commercial Humidifier Services in Dayton, OH

The effect high humidity has on indoor comfort is something of which most people are aware. Damp and muggy air is unpleasant and makes the air feel stuffy and hot. But people are often less aware of what can happen in the opposite situation when the air is too dry. Balancing the humidity in a workplace is important not only for comfort, but also to promote health and prevent damage to the property. If you are concerned that your commercial space is suffering from low humidity, you should look into having a commercial humidifier installed to solve the problem.

The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC has technicians trained in maximizing indoor air quality for businesses in Dayton, OH; they can handle the necessary services for commercial dehumidifiers that will balance the air in your workplace and make it pleasant and healthy for everyone.

The commercial HVAC experts at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC offer professional commercial humidifier installation, repair, and maintenance services in Dayton, OH and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule service.

Problems a Commercial Humidifier Can Solve

Dry air will cause as many problems as damp air. But with the help of a commercial humidifier that receives a professional installation, you can eliminate these problems:

  • Discomfort: The same way that high humidity makes warm temperatures feel hotter, low humidity makes cool temperatures feel chillier. The dry air draws extra moisture from the human body, causing it to feel colder than the atmosphere around it. During winter weather, low humidity adds an unpleasant bite to the air. Even during milder temperatures, dry air can make an environment feel uncomfortable. You’ll need to run the heating system more often because of dry air. Low humidity also causes an increase in annoying static electricity.
  • Health hazards: A large number of viruses thrive in dry environments, and they transmit easier from person to person. Low humidity also causes skin dryness and cracking, chapped lips, eye, and nose irritation, sore throats, and an increase in allergy symptoms.
  • Building damage: Dry air pulls moisture out of everything, not only the human body. This moisture loss is especially damaging for wooden material, which will begin to crack. Other problems include peeling wallpaper and chipped paint.

All these problems are also good warning signs that you should seek out indoor air quality professionals to install a commercial humidifier for your business. Low humidity is often not as obvious a problem as high humidity, but the troubles it poses can be just as severe. Keep a close watch for any indications of overly dry air that indicate you need to balance the humidity.

We Install and Service Commercial Humidifiers in Dayton, OH

When talking about commercial humidifiers, balance is an important consideration. The wrong type and size of unit installed into your business can place too much moisture into the air. This will result in a whole new set of problems from high humidity. This is why it’s vital to hire trained technicians to install humidifiers for your commercial space. The indoor air quality experts will determine the right humidifier necessary to provide you with the perfect balance. Commercial humidifiers also need occasional repair and maintenance service, and these jobs require those same skilled professionals to handle them.

For all the help you need in Dayton, OH to maintain a comfortable and healthy balance of humidity for your business, rely on quality commercial humidifier services of The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC.

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