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Heat Pump Services

heat pump services dayton, oh

Heat Pump Services in Dayton, OH

Saving money when heating and cooling a home, while still enjoying year–round comfort, is at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds. Thanks to the technology of the heat pump—which works like an air conditioner but can reverse the direction in which it moves heat—you can have the benefits of an excellent air conditioner and an energy efficient heater put into a single unit. At The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC, we provide heat pump services in Dayton, OH to keep it in excellent condition. Therefore, providing your family with comfort throughout the year. Contact us to find out more about your problem and personalized solution.

Offering quality heat pumps and heat pump installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services in Dayton, OH.

Why Consider a Heat Pump System?

A heat pump is very similar to an air conditioner: it uses a process called heat exchange to move heat from one location and deposit it in another. In cooling mode, a heat pump absorbs heat from the inside of a home and then releases it to the outside. When you switch a heat pump over to heating mode, the process remains the same except that the direction reverses. The system absorbs heat from outside and brings it inside.

The biggest advantage of a heat pump is this dual function. You no longer need to have a separate air conditioner and heating system. Your needs for the whole year come packaged in one system. Heat pumps are convenient and space–saving.

Heat pumps also work with higher energy efficiency in heating mode than most other heating systems, such as furnaces and boilers. The reason that a heat pump can achieve higher levels of energy efficiency is that it does not burn fuel to create heat. Instead, it uses electricity to power the components that allow it to move heat. If you switch from an electric furnace to a heat pump, you can expect to save as much as 30% from your seasonal heating bills. And you won’t lose anything from the cooling side either, since a heat pump provides cooling power comparable to any standalone AC of the same size.

If you have concerns about safety from gas–powered systems in your home, a heat pump is an excellent option: they run entirely from electricity and do not have a hot surfaces that people might injury themselves on.

Call Us for Heat Pump Installation and Service in Dayton, OH

Heat pumps are complex devices, much like central air conditioners, and you must have skilled technicians involved from the beginning of the installation process. Heat pump experts will first help you to determine the right size of system to properly heat and cool your home; because every house has different needs when it comes to heating and cooling, the installers must weigh several factors in order to pinpoint the ideal size to provide you with comfort and maximum energy efficiency.

Our team at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC will assist you with finding the right heat pump for your home and then install it so it does the job you expect it to around the year. You can also rely on our team for the work you may occasionally need to keep your heat pump in the best condition, such as repairs and annual maintenance visits. If you have any questions regarding heat pumps, don’t hesitate to call one of our specialists at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC.

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