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Solar Water Heater Services

solar water heater repair

Solar Water Heater Services in Dayton, OH

Solar energy for houses is a rapidly growing industry across the country. Using the Sun’s energy to power a home offers a way to both save money and to help the environment. But many homeowners are concerned about the size of the installation necessary to provide their homes with sufficient power, as well as with the upfront costs. But there is a way that you can start enjoying the benefits of the green technology of solar power in a cost-effective way. A solar-powered water heater. We offer services for solar water heaters that will provide you with the hot water your family needs while delivering you unmatched savings.

Interested in something different for a water heater? The experts at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC service solar water heaters in Dayton, OH and the surrounding areas. Installation, repairs, maintenance: we do it all.

How Does Solar Water Heaters Work?

Like most solar–powered energy systems, solar water heaters work through collectors mounted outside a home that captures the radiant energy from the Sun. The process for heating water is simple, much the same way that you can heat water by leaving it in a bottle out in direct sunlight.

There are two basic types of solar water heaters, active and passive.

An active solar water heater uses an electrically–powered pump that moves water or a heat transfer fluid through the solar collectors. For areas that can experience freezing temperatures during the winter, using a heat–transfer fluid instead of water is recommended since the refrigerant fluid will not freeze even in sub-zero temperatures. This fluid collects the energy from the collector, then moves into a heat exchanger inside a water tank. The heat exchange fluid moves its heat into the water tank to raise the water temperature.

A passive water heater doesn’t use a pump. Instead, it uses the natural rise of heated water and sinking of colder water for circulation. These pumps cost less than active solar water heaters but suffer from reduced efficiency. A solar water heater specialist will help you decide which type of water heater is the best for your home. It will provide you the highest savings combined with an effective hot water supply.

Benefits of a Solar Water Heater in Dayton, OH

The greatest advantage of any solar–powered appliance is that the energy from the Sun is essentially free. Although an active water heater must still use some electrical power to operate the pump, this is only a fraction of the power necessary to run a standard water heater that uses either electrical resistance heating or natural gas. Although solar water heaters will cost more for installation than other types of water heaters, they will start to pay for themselves immediately with their low cost to operate. You can expect to repay the installation costs with 5–10 years.

Solar water heaters require little maintenance and rarely need repairs. Regular rainfall will keep the solar collectors clean, and the few moving parts (especially in a passive water heater) means the system will last for many years, giving you plenty of time to benefit from the Sun’s free energy.

Contact the Dayton, OH Solar Water Heater Installers

Solar water heaters may sound not too good to be true, but they really work. In fact, they might be just the solution you’ve been looking for to provide your household with inexpensive hot water. Call our Dayton, OH water heater professionals at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC today to find out more.

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