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Thermostat Services

thermostat services near dayton, oh

Thermostat Services in Dayton, OH

The thermostat is a physically small part of the heating and cooling system that makes your home comfortable throughout the year. But small objects can have immense power. The thermostat that controls your HVAC system is a perfect example. It’s how you interact and communicate with your air conditioner and heater. Without proper service, your heating and cooling system will provide you with less comfort while consuming more energy. Let our technicians at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC handle your thermostat services. Whether its installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance, we can help.

For quality thermostats or thermostat services in Dayton, OH or the surrounding areas.

Installation and Replacement

Even a small malfunction in a thermostat can result in a major difference in how well a heating and cooling system operates. A thermostat that loses its connection to the HVAC system will fail to turn it on at the appropriate time, or may allow the system to continue running without stopping. A miscalibrated thermostat will trigger the heating and cooling system to create uncomfortable temperatures. If you have a thermostat that is causing constant trouble for your comfort, you should arrange for professionals to put in a replacement.

Even if your thermostat is working adequately, a model that is over ten years old is due for a replacement. If you have an older manual thermostat, you should consider scheduling service to put in one of the many new digital and programmable models. A thermostat upgrade will make your heating and cooling system easier to control and will pay off with long–term savings.

Digital Thermostats

Basic digital thermostats have two important advantages over the outdated manual types. First, they are easier to read and control. Second, they have more precise settings and temperature sensors. Manual thermostats are frequently off by 2°–5°F from their setting, but digital models have far greater accuracy. You’ll have the temperatures you want without excess energy waste.

Programmable Thermostats

If you want to move up to the next stage in comfort and energy savings, then invest in one of the many available programmable thermostats. With the power to program how your heating and cooling operates, you can eliminate the system running unnecessarily when you aren’t home. During the winter, program the heater to start running a half hour before you come home in the evening. This way, you can walk into a warm house without needing to waste energy heating an empty space all day.

Digital thermostats come with a variety of options depending on the type of controls you are looking for. From basic units, with day and night settings, to full feature models, with seven–day programming. There are also cutting–edge smart thermostats. These will learn from your heating and cooling patterns to develop their programming to maximize your energy savings.

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